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Whitney Wolfe Wants Her Bumble Users To Become BFFs

In our social media frenzied world, it can be hard to be social. Whitney Wolfe, entrepreneur and creator of the Bumble Dating App, wants to change that.

Until recently, social media and dating websites existed only in the internet, and people had to agree to meet at a random coffee shop or bar if they wanted to see each other in person. Now, with The Hive, Bumble is giving its users in New York City a safe, fun and exciting atmosphere where they can meet up in person. The interior is decked out with a definite bee theme, from the yellow honeycombed walls to the honeycomb-shaped chairs and seating areas.

When Whitney Wolfe created Bumble, it was a dating website, but a dating website where women were expected to make the first move. Now, it has evolved into a growing community of like-minded women and even men can gather and share insights, ideas, and friendship. That’s the impetus behind Bumble BFF, a platonic, friendship-based app where people can get to know each other and talk freely about the things that interest them.

The Hive and Bumble BFF fit together. Bumble will use The Hive to give Bumble BFFs a place to meet more Bumble fans, and also offer mentoring and business seminars to young women who, like Whitney Wolfe, want to achieve more than just another date. The Hive will have a coffee shop, bar, and merchandise to raise money for charity. If it works, they may expand to more cities.

Whitney Wolfe is the founder and CEO of Bumble, a feminist dating app that is majority owned by the European dating company, Badoo. She’s never been afraid to make the first move, whether in business or in her social life, and wants to encourage other women to do the same.

She was born in Salt Lake City Utah, and studied International Studies at Southern Methodist University. While she was there, Whitney Wolfe sold bamboo tote bags to raise money for BP oil spill relief efforts, and started working with dating and social media start-ups, and now lives in Austin, Texas.

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