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Securus Technologies: Providing Communication to the Incarcerated

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Texas. It is one of the largest providers of communication services for the incarcerated population. Securus has contracts with 2600 correctional facilities located in 45 states, Canada and Mexico. The company offers a variety of connection services between inmates, family and friends.


Advance Connect is a prepaid calling account on to which money can be loaded. Inmates can then call connected numbers collect. Charges for each call are deducted from the prepaid account. Money transfer can be done online, via a mobile app or by telephone. Inmates can also use Anywhere Visit which allows visitation from remote location via web camera. Family and friends do not have to make a long drive or wait in line. In the event that information must be relayed and communication is not possible at a point in time, Jail Voicemail allows family and friends to leave voicemail messages that inmates can hear later. There is also a choice to use email. Secure Instant Mail provides 24 hour access to sending email. The sender will get notification of acceptance or rejection of sent emails.


Many facilities have been using the services of Securus Technologies for many years. Comments on the success of the services include the facility being able to monitor communication in an effort to stop contraband from entering the facility. Useful information has been obtained through the communication services leading to positive investigative measures helping to track down contraband, illegal assets, threats to facility security and overall public safety.


Securus Technologies is providing innovative communication for incarcerated population while helping to maintain security of facilities and their communities.


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