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Protect yourself from Cyber Hacking and Ransomware

It can be infuriating being a victim of ransomware. Having your identity or your payment options stolen from you is a great infringement on our civil liberties. The rise of ransomware has skyrocketed since 2012. This form of ransom, through the internet, has been growing ever since.


However, there are many cyber security apps that can protect your identity as well as your payment options. Never again fall victim to cyber hackers and cyber crimes. Protect yourself with Rubica.


What is Rubica?


Rubica is an app that has been specifically designing to protect individuals identity and their financial access on the internet. As mentioned before ransomware is a prevalent cyber crime that has been growing for the past five years.


Rubica is an app that protects you and your family against ransomware and other cyber crimes as well.


Why is this app any different from others?


That is a great question. it can be especially difficult to find an app that can protect you from cyber crimes as there are so many apps to choose from. However, Rubica cyber security and cyber defenders are people who have worked for governmental bodies such as the NSA and NASA.


Downloading this app will most surely give you the highest level of security possible. This is perhaps one of the major benefits of having Rubica protect you. If these hackers are good enough for the NSA tey are most definitely good enough for the average citizen.


How do these cyber hackers hold people Ransom?


Another great question. These cyber criminals are able to use their ransomware by offering people links or files that appear legit and legal. However, once those files are downloaded that is when they are able to break into your accounts and start to hold your identity and other important documents for ransom.


Why Use the Rubica App?


As mentioned earlier the cyber security hackers that work for Rubica are individuals who have worked for governmental bodies. You get the highest level of services and protection possible.


Never again fall prey to the tricks of cyber hackers. Download the Rubica app today.