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Louis Chenevert Takes United Technologies Corporation to the Next Level in The Corporate World

Louis Chenevert is born French-Canadian, with several accomplishments in his career. He graduated from the Université de Montréal, École des Hautes études commerciales (HEC), with a degree in production management. Louis spent his early career years working at General Motors as St. Therese Production General Manager. He also worked as the chairperson and chief executive officer of United Technologies Corporation (UTC).

Louis Chenevert joined the Pratt & Whitney business unit of UTC after working for over a decade at General Motors. Louis worked for six years at Pratt & Whitney Canada before being elected as the of the entire Pratt & Whitney division in 1999. He was then elected as the chief executive officer and president at UTC after working in his previous position for seven years. Louis made impressive achievements worth about $ 100 billion under his tenure. Corporate executives have not yet managed to achieve anything close to Louis’ achievements in one year. He focused on the acquisition of Goodrich, which they finally closed the deal after spending over one year negotiating. The deal was worth $18.04 billion.

Louis views UTC’s stewardship as not only investing in the most advanced technology but also in people. He vowed to use his experience and knowledge to improve UTC and leave it better than he found it. Louis emphasizes that investing in the right technology takes a company far, and investing in the right people takes it even further. UTC is committed to investing in people and nurturing their development through the employee scholar program. The program takes care of costs for employees who are interested in pursuing further education in their fields. More than 40,000 employees working at UTC all over the world have attained degrees through this program since 1996.

UTC recently acquired a controlling interest in the International Aero Engines consortium under the belt of Louis. The acquisition illustrates a balanced business strategy can pay good dividends. Louis departed from UTC on December 8th, 2014 after he resigned from his position. Edward Kangas, who was the lead independent director during that time, took over the position. Louis was later elected to the Merchant Banking Division as the exclusive advisor.