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Fabletics An Authority In Online Fashion

The fashion sector is among the most competitive industries with thousands of brands competing for a share in the market. While the online fashion sector has equal competition, one company has proven to occupy the top position for years on end. Amazon is the undisputed authority in online fashion. However, one company has defied the odds to challenge Amazon’s dominance of the online fashion market. The brains behind Fabletics daring move is none other than TV superstar, Kate Hudson. The firm, under the leadership of Hudson, has managed to turn into a $250 million business in a span of three years.



What is The Secret to Fabletics’ Success?



The reason for Fabletics’ success is not mere luck. Like Apple, the company went through its share of challenges to attain success. Fabletics went ahead to apply a business strategy that has led to the prosperity of its sixteen branches.



Gregg Throgmartin, Fabletics’ General Manager, attributes the success of the firm to its membership approach. The secret to satisfying people is taking the time to study your potential clients and customers, and identifying their specific needs. The only way to determine the success of this system is by taking a life style quiz to find the gear best suited for you.



The Show rooming Approach



Fabletics has managed to have an edge over other businesses through its show rooming strategy. Show rooming means that people are able to check out products and services offline to enable them make effective choices before buying the items at a lower price elsewhere. Fabletics uses a different approach of the show rooming style. When a client shops and then tries an item, it is automatically reflected in their shopping cart. Therefore, no matter where the client purchases the item, the price will be the same.



How Kate Hudson Joined Fabletics



In 2013, the managers of Tech Style Fashion Group, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, hatched the idea of establishing an athleisure brand. During this time, there was no stylish or affordable athleisure brand in the market. The industry was filled with black and grey expensive workout gear. Goldenberg and Ressler’s ambition to transform the fashion industry would only be achieved if they included another person in their team; Kate Hudson.



According to Gregg Throgmartin, Kate was a true representation of their vision for Fabletics. The partnership between Fabletics and Tech Style caused the company to grow in leaps and bounds. Kate had managed to be involved with a firm that had the funds, the experience in online fashion, and resources. It was from here that Kate was able to spur Fabletics to its current success.