Sam Powell

The Best Type of Therapy

Elysium Health Uses Advanced Science to Overcome Health Challenges

One of the biggest anti-aging breakthroughs has come from careful studies on our own DNA. One MIT biologist, believes that by tweaking human metabolism, there may be a way to slow down the aging process.

Elysium‘s release of its pill called Basis may not be a guarantee to complete anti-aging, but the belief is that by the release of the chemical compound NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleutide) it will have a similar effect on the body as a low calorie diet. In lab studies, it has proven to lengthen the life of a mouse. NAD is important because of how it affects the metabolism. The idea is to increase the level of NAD, and that will in turn increase cell metabolism.

Elysium Health is seeking to turn advances in science into health products that are accessible by people in every day life. Their goal is to develop natural compounds, and provide support to customers in maintaining good health. Basis, the companies first anti-aging pill, fulfills their primary goals.

Elysium has been able to market the pills as supplements, and therefore bypass the FDA gauntlet. The product were available for immediate sale, but not without some cost to the Eylysium. By bypassing federal regulation Elysium has only the advisory board is the only scientific credibility the company can claim. However, the company relies heavily on Leanard Guarante, the chief scientist on the board, and his reputation when marketing the pills.

There is a strong process involved in the product’s creation. The compound is supported by the review of hundreds of peers. Research and development is a process that begins with intense study of all available scientific research. The process also includes rigorous new dietary ingredient safety studies which is submitted to the FDA. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act requires the submission of the safety studies on all new dietary ingredients. There is also efficacy testing, which studies the safety and efficacy of the molecule in the human body.

Elysium is bringing cutting-edge science to customers that not only is fiscally accessible, but also was created for the greater social good.