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The Best Type of Therapy

Month: June 2017

Securus Technologies: Providing Communication to the Incarcerated

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Texas. It is one of the largest providers of communication services for the incarcerated population. Securus has contracts with 2600 correctional facilities located in 45 states, Canada and Mexico. The company offers a variety of connection services between inmates, family and friends.   Advance Connect […]

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Whitney Wolfe Wants Her Bumble Users To Become BFFs

In our social media frenzied world, it can be hard to be social. Whitney Wolfe, entrepreneur and creator of the Bumble Dating App, wants to change that. Until recently, social media and dating websites existed only in the internet, and people had to agree to meet at a random coffee shop or bar if they […]

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